OWV Crystal Universal

OneWayPro® Crystal Universal is a microperforated transparent-polymeric PVC film product on which a removable transparent polyacrylate adhesive is applied to the back.

The product exists with monomeric or polymeric PVC film.

The film is 180 microns thick. The backingconsists of a siliconisedpaper/PP double liner.
The perforation ratio is 70-30.

The double liner siliconisedbacking ensures compatibility with most machines and digital inks such as eco-solvent, mildsolvent, solvent, UV and latex.

This product is ideal for visual printing in mirror + white + black UV inks to form a microperforated to be fixed inside a building.

It is recommended to use OneWayPro® PET 036 Ultra Clear Laminate as a protective laminate on flat surfaces and OneWayPro® Cast 050 Ultra Clear Laminate for slightly curved surfaces.

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