PET 036 Ultra Clear Laminate

OneWayPro® PET 036 Ultra Clear laminate is a product intended to protect microperforated vinyl for flat surfaces (for curved surfaces, use the OneWayPro® CAST 050 Ultra Clear laminate), and for all types of printing with hot or cold lamination.

OneWayPro® PET 036 Ultra Clear laminate is an ultra-transparent 36-micron polyester film with a permanent acrylic adhesive that is also ultra-transparent. The adhesive is coated with a siliconized 25-micron polyester protective backing enabling total transparency.

OneWayPro® PET 036 Ultra Clear laminate has excellent resistance to abrasion, chemical products and automatic washing cycles. It also demonstrates excellent dimensional stability. In addition, it protects printing from deterioration caused by UV rays as well as graffiti, dust and water which could infiltrate the holes of the microperforated film.

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