OWV Palladium (KBA version)

The OneWayPro¬ģ Palladium (KBA version) is a adhesive microperforated film for digital printing, for short-term advertising campaigns on vehicles and buildings

It consists of a monomeric PVC film with a black verso, with a thickness of 140 microns. This film has a coated surface on the front and an acrylic removable transparent adhesive on the back.

The perforation ratio is 60/40, enabling greater transparency so that it is more suited for use on vehicle windows.

The product is available with Double Paper double liner backing.

It is recommended to use OneWayPro¬ģ PET 036 Ultra Clear Laminate as a protective laminate on flat surfaces and OneWayPro¬ģ Cast 050 Ultra Clear Laminate for slightly curved surfaces.

The film has Allgemeine Bauartgenehmigung (AGB) approval for German road traffic and Dynamic Test Center (DTC) for Switzerland road traffic.

The certification numbers are

  • ABG D-5668 without lamination, and
  • ABG D-5670 with OWP POLY 060 Ultra Clear lamination.

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